Science Impact & Knowledge Exchange

What is Knowledge Exchange?

One of our key missions at HKU is to carry out high impact and translational research that positively affects society and provides clear benefits to government, industry, and other stakeholders. We carry out fundamental research at HKU and we want to build bridges with users of our research capabilities to maximize mutual benefits. Taken together, we call this “knowledge exchange.“

Although I value that the university environment provides an environment for fundamental research not always available in the private sector, I also focus on the aspects of my work that have tangible applications. These include technology development and implementation in space exploration, multi-scale spectroscopy for mineral exploration and environmental applications, and remote sensing of complex geological, planetary, environmental and urban settings.

Knowledge exchange includes science communication!

Here are some examples of how I communication my science.

Television: The Huw Edwards Show; BBC Morning News (8 occasions); BBC World News; BBC Evening News; Sky News

Radio: BBC Radio 5; BBC Radio 4;BBC Radio 2; BBC World Service – “The Science Hour” and "Science in Action" 2012-2013 [link]; Australian Broadcasting Corporation – 2015 [link]; Australian Broadcasting Corporation – 2012 [link]

Exhibitions: Otherworlds – Visions of our Solar System [link]: Lead Scientist [link]; Developed/edited content (captions, panels, etc); Created the audio commentary; Co-creator of video content; Led field campaign to Iceland to emphasize importance of planetary landscapes; Wrote forward for “Otherworlds” the book; Participated in all aspects of design and content creation, implementation and review

Magazine: Op-ed article on Mars exploration in NewsWeek [link];Featured personality in British Airways Highlife Magazine; “Curiosity Knows No Boundaries” in Evolve Magazine; “CSI Mars” in Evolve Magazine; “Otherworlds” in Evolve Magazine; New Scientist Magazine – “Ask a Geologist”

Events and talks: Recent talk at HKU on Mars science; 33 Invited talks in the last 10 years including 9 in last 3 years; Created live event at the NHM for Curiosity landing on Mars with a media footprint of several million viewers