Welcome to the Planetary Mineralogy and Spectroscopy Laboratory at HKU

The PSML is a laboratory designed to quantitatively measure the reflectance of light (UV to far infrared) from geological and biological materials. We operate an FTIR spectrometer with multiple detectors and beam splitters to take advantage of all parts of the spectrum from wavelengths of 350 nanometers to 35 micrometers.

The overarching goal is to support two main objectives: 1) mineral exploration (of all types on any planet) and 2) characterization of biosignatures. The lab will continue to grow and evolve, adding new technologies and capabilities with regard to both of these objectives.

Instrumentation that is currently installed or under development (will be functioning within months) include the following: 1) UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, and TIR reflectance, 2) TIR transmission, 3) Micro-scale reflectance from UV-TIR wavelengths, 4) micro-scale Attenuated total reflectance, 5) reflectance under environmental control (pressure from 2 bars to near vacuum and -150 C to +600 C, 6) raman spectroscopy (1064 nm source), 7) thermogravimetery and 8) evolved gas analysis (by FTIR).

If you want to collaborate on interesting research or obtain data for commercial purposes, please inquire by email for availability and rates.